Wicker Rustic Country Containers

Assorted Rustic Country Containers

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Wicker Rustic Country Containers
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Assorted Rustic Country Containers Set of 4

We have found these in Assorted Rustic Country Containers our warehouse and have grouped this assortment together.  We call it the Assorted Rustic Country Container Collection.  You have the following in this package.

1 Floor Basket which is 17 inches Wide x 11 inches in Height can also be used for decorative display on a open ledge

1 half wall basket which is 24 inches Height x 12 inches wide and 6 inches in depth

1 Floor Vase which is 15 inches in Height x 8 inches in width can also be used for decorative display on a open ledge

1 Metal Strawberry Container which is 10 inches in Width x 7 inches Deep x 5 inches in Height.

Great for Gift Giving!!!

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Wicker Rustic Country Containers
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